Food For Thought

Human bodies are such an incredible construct, functioning with such complexion it sounds almost ludicrous how just one organ manages to control it all, without ever messing up even. Well, what if that wasn’t the case. Imagine if our brains had some sort of comrade helping it with its tasks. Funnily enough, this may actually […]

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Permafrost is ground or soil that stays below 0℃ for two or more years, mostly forming during the famous Ice Age period. As the temperature of the world demonstrates gradual increase, permafrost is thawing and releasing a lot of methane, which is contributing to the enhanced greenhouse effect. Furthermore, the melting of permafrost has been […]

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Oneirologist – The Dream Job

Dreams. Dreams are what we refer to the series of images, thoughts or sensations that occur as we sleep. Yes, we all do dream, though not everyone is able to easily recall them once we wake up. Nonetheless, not being able to remember the dreams does not mean you have not dreamt throughout the whole […]

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Tangled? not.

The web of a spider is an intricately formed trap, designed for the catching of its prey as it leaves them to helplessly lie entangled in the complex network of silk. But how does the spider itself manage to avoid suffering the same fate, even by accident? Well, ultimately, it comes down to the combination […]

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A Pruney Problem

Have you ever wondered why your fingers shrivel up after a long swim or shower, resembling the texture of a prune? Have you ever wondered why it is just the tips of the fingers and toes you notice experiencing this weird quirk, and not the rest of your skin? Well, scientists may have discovered the […]

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Laptops, Deadly? Beware.

          SEPARATE NOTE: I am sincerely apologetic for not uploading a new blog post for a whole month, as I had previously promised. Unfortunately, I have experienced some personal difficulties that have occupied my time completely, leaving me unable to compose new blog posts. I now believe I am able to […]

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