Laptops, Deadly? Beware.

          SEPARATE NOTE: I am sincerely apologetic for not uploading a new blog post for a whole month, as I had previously promised. Unfortunately, I have experienced some personal difficulties that have occupied my time completely, leaving me unable to compose new blog posts. I now believe I am able to […]

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Transsexual Fishes?

Although the title may sound bizarre, it remains an incredibly bewildering trait amongst 500 fish species – perhaps more yet to be revealed! Scientifically known as sequential hermaphroditism, certain fishes are found to born with the ability to switch their sex at least once in their lifetime. Despite its lack of accreditation, this a surprisingly […]

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…the weird and wonderful world of science! Wisdom begins with wonder. — Socrates Hi, everyone and welcome to my new blog! Here, I aim to introduce you to this fascinating phenomena, that is commonly overlooked and largely unappreciated. I hope that by sharing these unsung marvels, the passion I behold for the subject seems to […]

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